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How Real Estate Agents Can Find Seller Leads Before They List

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Mar 27, 2017 8:58:47 AM

Today’s market of low inventory and eager home buyers has made it important for brokerages to have a steady flow of listings. Many agents fail to find enough listings because they spend way too much time relying on traditional marketing tactics, such as contacting expired listings and cold calling. Being strategic about seller lead generation will not only increase your number of listings, but it will also save you time.

043-1.jpgHere are 9 strategic ways to find seller leads before they list:

  1. Access the county’s delinquent tax list or use a data provider to access your county’s delinquent tax list

    Contact your county administrative offices to access a list of delinquent property taxpayers. Depending on your county, this may or may not be a time intensive process. Some agents opt to use a third party data provider to access this list. Once you gain access to this list, create a supplemental marketing campaign to target these delinquent taxpayers. This could be a direct mail, email, or social media campaign.

  2. Target Homeowners of Over 10 Years

    According to the National Association of Realtor’s Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report, the median number of years a homeowner is expected to spend in their new home is 12. Search public property records for homes you suspect to have long term owners. Property records can be accessed through county courthouses, county records, city hall, or other city and county departments.

  3. Target Absentee Landlords 

    Create a list of properties with landlords not on the property site. These include vacation rentals and homes with regular full time tenants. Often times these absent homeowners have attempted renting the property for a few years, realize how much work is involved, then decide to sell.

  4. Find Pre-foreclosure Properties or Foreclosure Properties

    According to Bigger Pockets, there are several ways to find foreclosure and pre-foreclosure properties: search public records, search online, search local newspapers, and look for government foreclosures. 

  5. Start Geo Targeted Facebook Ads

    Facebook allows its users to create ads with custom audiences based on leads’ location, age, gender, languages spoken, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections.

    Zurple takes the guess work out of Facebook ads. Our ads take leads directly to agents’ IDX search sites. These leads are automatically enrolled into Conversations™ and are nurtured until the point of conversion, or when agents should give leads a call.

    See how Zurple finds and converts seller leads

  6. Purchase Zillow & Trulia Seller Boost Ads

    As an add on product to Zillow Agent Advertising, Seller Boost Ads target leads that have indicated they’re looking to sell their home on both Zillow and Trulia.

  7. Expand Your FSBO Search

    Go beyond just FSBO Craigslist posts. Try Zillow, Trulia, and Facebook. Instead of cold calling these leads out of the blue, add them on LinkedIn first, message them, then try additional contact methods.

  8. Search Zillow’s Make Me Move Prices

    Try emailing or calling FSBOs on Make Me Move. Introduce yourself and ask why they decided to use Zillow’s Make Me Move prices feature.

  9. Focus on Baby Boomers/Empty Nesters

    According to Curbed, Baby Boomers are the largest group most willing to downsize and move. Join retirement Facebook groups or partner with local businesses associated with retirees. Purchase ad space with these local partners and market yourself as someone who specializes in helping retirees.

Zurple’s targeted marketing strategy give its agents an advantage over those still relying on traditional lead generation tactics. Our Seller Leads program uses social media marketing tactics to capture leads within your target markets. Upon lead capture, our Conversations™ software communicates with leads until the point of conversion. Zurple Agents spend less time prospecting online and more time face to face with clients.

Convert More, Prospect Less. Try Zurple's Seller Leads

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