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How to Create a Powerful Brand for Your Real Estate Team

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

May 3, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Science tells us individuals favor Real Estate teams over individual agents. You may ask how this can be. Have you ever heard of the “Cheerleader Effect?” It’s a term in psychology used to describe the cognitive bias that causes people to think individuals are more attractive when they are pictured in a group. Despite the name, the Cheerleader Effect was shown to apply to all women, all men, and mixed gender groups. Some experts believe observers will focus on the group’s most attractive members. Others found that observers prefer to group team members into a single memory.

Make sure your Real Estate team is taking full advantage of this psychological phenomenon with a powerful branding strategy. You and your teammates can appeal to a broader range of leads than you could otherwise as a single agent Follow these 5 tips to ensure your team is marketing itself to it’s fullest potential.


Use these 5 Real Estate Branding Tips to Create a Powerful Real Estate Team

Identify Your Target Client Base

Consider which characteristics your team’s current and past clients have in common. Are your clients first-time home buyers, recent retirees, or members of the military? Do share anything in common with them, such as belonging to the same church, non-profit group, or sports team? Knowing ahead of time which client’s you’d like to attract will help you mold your team.

Identify Your Team's Strengths

Think back and consider why you formed your Real Estate team in the first place. What made you decide to partner with your spouse, colleague or sibling? There has to be a reason why you choose to partner together in the first place. Outlining your team’s value propositions will help develop a strong marketing plan.

Consider What You & Your Teammates Have in Common

Examples of traits you may have in common with your team members include: family blood, marriage, gender, hair color, personal hobbies, niche markets, or names. Play up these traits to market your team members more cohesively.

Create a Crafty Team Name

Use the team leader’s first + last name + team group name, for example: The Mark Johnson Team. Use a geographical such as Lake Tahoe Realtors or Agents of Pacific Palisades. Or even combine Team member’s last names, for example: Miller McDonald Team. Be sure no other agents have taken on your chosen name, do your research to ensure you are not violating anyone’s trademark.

Take Professional Photos Together

Make the most of your team photos. Choose a background that matches your team’s niche market. If you list oceanfront properties, use the ocean as a background. Before taking photos together, consider a group team building activity. Emotions translate easily through film, your team will look more cohesive if you are all in the same mood.

Coordinate Your Marketing Efforts

Make sure you sync up your email signature, website, and all other print and digital marketing materials together. Team members that market themselves independently will be inconsistent and out of sync with the rest of the team.

Share Your Marketing Budget

Since you and your team members act as a single brand, it’s important you share the same marketing goals. However, if one team member has a higher or lower marketing spend than you, it can difficult to see eye to eye. Sharing your market budget will assure you both have the same goals, such as lead count and referrals.

Zurple works best with Real Estate teams. Our back office organizes agent's buyer and seller leads, keeping workflows organized. Agents may also increase or decrease their own marketing spend without affecting other team members.

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