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How to Optimize Your Zillow Profile

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Nov 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Many agents wonder what to include in their Zillow profile, in addition to their Trulia, Realtor.com and other search site profiles. The Zurple team examined top agent profiles in our local market to compile a list of must have mentions.

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How to Optimize Your Zillow Profile

  1. Credentials –

    Some real estate leads begin their search with only qualified Realtors®. Others may be searching for agents that specialize in niche markets, such as Accredited Luxury Home Specialists or Short Sale Foreclosure certified agents. Also be sure to include your license number, especially if your state requires it.

  2. Track Record –

    Agents have the ability to include their number of sales in the last 12 months. Be sure to regularly update your past sales as the year progresses if it has not automatically done so. Zillow does have access to public records and can determine when a sale was made. However, in many cases, especially with buyer’s agents, there is no public record an d a transaction will need to be uploaded manually. For instructions on how to add past sales to your profile, check out this article.

  3. Website Link –

    This is an absolute must for all agents. Search engine websites like Google and Bing, rank websites by considering the number of back links the site has. As a rule of thumb, always take advantage of the opportunity to add backlink to your real estate website.

    As an agent your number one goal should always be to drive leads off search sites and onto your own website. Zurple launches IDX home search sites that feature current and sold properties just like big name search sites. Best of all Zurple is integrated with Zillow, so Zurple agents can capture leads from either sites. To learn how you can start using Zurple software in conjunction with Zillow Premier Agent, click the link below to request a demo:

    Request a Zurple Demo

  4. Languages Spoken –

    Even if you know just a small bit of another language, it’s worth mentioning. You never know if you are the only agent in your market with that knowledge.

  5. Social Media Links –

    If you have a strong presence on one site, it may be work linking to in your bio. If one of your profiles has a large following, adding links could increase your profile’s ranking in search engine results. 

  6. Video -

    Did you know video is the most engaging form of content. It’s the future of marketing according to Forbes. If you or your real estate team already has a video compiled be sure to add it to your profile. For instructions on how to embed a video into your profile, reference this article.

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