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How to Stay in Touch with Your Real Estate Leads & Clients

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Oct 9, 2017 6:00:00 AM

With Q4 already underway, your pipeline maybe feeling a bit frozen. However, now is the time to fine tune your marketing and get in touch with distance real estate clients and leads. Try the five marketing ideas below to convert leads and generate referrals from past clients.

how to stay in touch with real estate leads and real estate clients

How to Stay in Touch with Real Estate Leads

Automate Nurturing

Let’s face it, you’re unable to immediately answer every email and text message that comes your way. However, it’s extremely important you follow up with online leads immediately. If you are generating any leads on your personal website or any home search sites, you’ll need to automate your follow-up. In fact, HubSpot (a major software product for inbound marketing) found waiting just five minutes to follow up with leads decreases your chances of making contact by ten times. With so many real estate agents competing for an online presence, internet leads especially need your time and attention.

Automating your follow-up will save you time, money, and energy. Each time a real estate lead leaves their name and email on your website, they should automatically be enrolled into an email workflow. With Zurple, each lead generated receives a personalized email within five minutes of their inquiry. To see Zurple work it’s magic with a real life account, request to speak with one of our Account Executives in the link below:

Request a Live Demo of Zurple

Remind Seller Leads of Market Opportunities

2017 is a hot real estate market for sellers, meaning even quarter four is a good time for them to list their home. If they’re apprehensive about the number of viable buyers in the market during quarter four, share with them this infographic. You’ll educate sellers on the advantages of selling their home in a seller’s market.

Download a   Complimentary Infographic  

How to Stay in Touch with Real Estate Clients

Spread Holiday Cheer

The holidays are chock-full of marketing opportunities. With the 2017 holiday season approaching, you should be thinking of ways to leverage holidays in order to stay in touch with leads. As you go into Q4 of creative ways you can check-in with leads. Many agents send Christmas gifts to previous clients. If you don’t celebrate Christmas leverage other holidays.

Call Just to Say Hi

Becoming your previous client’s friend is a key ingredient in generating referrals. Don’t be afraid to stay in touch with past clients. Invite them to coffee, dinner, a drink, or another activity you’d both enjoy.

Remind Yourself to Check-In

With Zurple’s Reminders feature, you can notify yourself when it’s time to check-in with a past client or real estate lead. The feature allows you to set future tasks for yourself so you remember to follow-up directly from your Real Estate CRM platform. To learn more about Zurple’s Reminders Feature, request a demo be sent to you in the link below:

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