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Generating Real Estate Leads During the Holidays: A How to Guide

Posted by Victoria Deubler

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Dec 11, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Real estate marketing can be tough during the holiday season as it's typically a slower time for sales . People aren’t as focused on the real estate market and can often put buying or selling a home on hold until the new year. To help set you up for success this season, we’ve put together a “how-to” guide for generating real estate leads during the holidays. Don’t slow down just because it’s typically a slower time of year for the real estate industry.



Your How-To Guide for Generating Leads This Season:


Start Blogging:

Nowadays almost every lead begins their real estate search online whether they’re buying or selling a home. Real estate blogging is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s a great time to jump in and start if you haven’t already. There are blogs to share advice and stories with other agents, and blogs to educate leads about the real estate market, industry trends, tips and more. If you can build an online presence and provide valuable content to someone before soliciting your real estate services, you are likely you are to generate more leads. Don’t know where to start? Try ActiveRain, a community for agents who love to blog!


Manage Your Online Reputation:

Search for yourself! What comes up? Your online reputation in real estate is crucial in today's technological world. If there are bad reviews floating around about you or your business, try to manage them as soon as you can. If a past client posted about a bad experience, seek to understand what went wrong and why they are so upset. Apologize on the same post if you can, so that others can see you’ve taken responsibility for a bad experience and want to rectify the situation. Lastly as a best practice, respond as quickly as possible to any new feedback or comments you receive (good or bad) in order to answer any questions or requests potential leads may have.

Pro Tip: If you use social media accounts as part of your real estate marketing strategy, make sure to keep them up to date and manage them on a regular basis. Remember to keep business and personal accounts separate and clean up any existing accounts that need some TLC.


Email Older Leads:

Sometimes older leads may have been forgotten or they just weren’t ready when you first contacted them. Sending emails to older leads can spark their interests, so they reply back. Make sure to add useful content, so an older lead finds value in the email you’ve sent and asks for more information. For example, provide information about local market trends that a resident should be aware of. During the holidays you can infuse some sort of seasonal salutation or wish them a Happy New year in your real estate email marketing efforts.


While the holiday season can slow sales in Real Estate, it can be a great time to generate leads and get caught up on marketing activities. Using different marketing techniques to expand your reach, fine-tune your reputation and reach out to older leads can help you keep up the momentum of your business.

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