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Leverage Facebook as a Real Estate Agent Using These 5 Tips

Posted by Victoria Deubler

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Nov 11, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Facebook has become a necessity for any Real Estate agents online marketing, as it is crucial in helping create an online presence. Not only does Facebook allow you to stay in touch with your past clients, but it is also very helpful in connecting with new ones. These 5 quick tips will help you leverage Facebook to optimize your online marketing strategy.

Change as Opportunity


Target your Audience via your Facebook Page

Creating a dedicated Facebook Business Page will help you promote your business and showcase your listings. Your Facebook Page can be a great tool for inbound marketing efforts and should be a part of any lead generation strategy. Bypassing Facebook marketing is no longer an option for agents who are serious about maintaining relationships with clients, generating referrals and connecting with future leads.

Use Relevant Imagery

Using quality, high-resolution images within your Facebook posts is essential to their effectiveness. Agents should have the right mix of content, including photos of current or upcoming listings, as well as more content-related posts. A successful agent should aim to entertain, educate and inform a target audience with both text and images. For instance, posting images of local and beautifully landscaped yards may spark ideas for homeowners and keep them coming back to your page. Selling in Cleveland? Then Mid-Century modern homes from Palm Springs aren’t the right images for you!

Be Relevant to the Buyers’ and Sellers’ Interests

Your posts should always contain relevant information for your target audience. Understanding your buyers and sellers, will help you stay relevant, so that they’ll continue to return to your Facebook Business Page. Yes, you should use your page to brand yourself and promote your listings, but you never want to ‘oversell’ yourself. You should, of course, be proud of recent awards or recognitions, but prospects are initially more interested in what you can do for them.

Create and Boost Ads

Facebook ads can be extremely useful in targeting leads. These ads allow you to create campaigns based off lead demographics, interests and behaviors, so reviewing characteristics and qualities of your past and current clients will help you find commonalities you can use to target your preferred audience. Facebook ads can be set to only appear in certain geographical areas and you can cap your spending in order to quickly review results and adjust your strategy as necessary. Plus, always remember to add an action button to your ads so drive your leads to your personal website or your Facebook Business Page form fill.

Focus on Leads

Facebook can help you focus on finding the right prospects who are serious about buying or selling, but just because a person ‘Likes’ your page or follows you, doesn’t make them a lead…yet. Make sure to include contact forms and links to your personal Real Estate site when posting on your page. This will encourage sign-ups, which in turn, help you build an email database. You want to be certain that you’re capturing as many leads as possible, so that you can begin building relationships with them.


Using Facebook to create relevant posts gives your leads an avenue to learn about you, view listings and contact you.

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