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Maintaining Success in Real Estate 2019

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Dec 20, 2018 7:30:00 AM

2019 is your year! New year, new you. You get to start off fresh. And just like January at the gym, so is everybody else. Once March rolls around, you'll notice that the gym is a little less crowded. So, how do you stay successful in 2019?

Maintaining Success in Real Estate 2019

Success in real estate boils down to one thing: motivation. It is easy to be motivated with a new year starting. However, motivation needs to be regularly renewed for it to be effective. You can be in the mood to start finally using Instagram for your real estate business, but how do you keep up that consistency? Well, we have a few suggestions:

Here are 5 Tricks You Can Use to Maintain Success in 2019

Talk About It Online

A neat little hack you can use to maintain your momentum is to talk about it publicly. You can always tell this to a team member, but not everybody is part of a real estate team. OR you can share it on your social media channels! Doing so will add a little extra pressure for you to stay on top of your game, and help keep you accountable.

30-Day Challenges

A nifty fitness trick that many people use to stay in shape is to do a 30-day challenge. They choose one work out, and do it for 30 days straight to strengthen a targetted muscle group. For example, 1-mile run every day for 30 days or 100 push ups every day for 30 days. This same concept can be applied to real estate. It will help strengthen a few weaknesses, and build consistency.

Keep al To-Do List

This is particularly for you completionists out there. Keeping a list of to-do's can really keep you in check...especially if you are regularly adding to that list. Some people like to use physical lists. You can also make use of digital lists that sync in the cloud. Seeing a large row of unchecked boxes can really create anxiety in some people, so checking thoses boxes can help ease your mind. A new list every week can also help highlight what you did not accomplish the previous week, and prevent you from create a backlog of tasks.

Stop Being So Perfect

One technique that some experts at time management use is to purposely leave projects unfinished. Meaning you can set aside 30-minutes to work on a particular task, and if you don't finish you move on to the next one. Perfection is great, but can also kill your momentum. Stop putting a microscope on small things and focus on the bigger picture.

Have the Right Mindset

Try approaching your business with the "everything matters" mindset. It's easy to go overboard (remember, stop being so perfect!) but you can really program your mind into believing that the big things and small things in your business can make a difference in your income. Wasting time, cold calling, door knocking, posting on social media...all of those play a positive or negative role in your success. Treat every action you take as if it matters to your business, because at the end of the day it really does.

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