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Maybe It's Not a Great Idea to Drive Your Real Estate Clients?

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Feb 8, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Here's a question: Should you drive your real estate clients? Why or why not? This is such a divisive topic amongs real estate agents, that we figure we would shed some input on it.

As a disclaimer, Zurple does not take an official stance on this topic. I, as a real estate blog writer, am sharing some thinking points on your decision. There are so many great reasons for both sides of the debate. We have even featured an agent who was able to build their business by also driving for Uber.

Today we go over..

Why You Should Consider NOT Driving Your Real Estate Clients

Should You Drive Your Clients.png

Safety First!

First thing is first: Safety. The NAR provides you with good safety tips to follow. You should be cautious in general when meeting somebody for the first time after only knowing them through online interactions.

You Can Be Efficient with Your Time

You. Are. Busy. There is so much to do in the life a typical real estate agent...and one client running 30 minutes late can derail your day. If you were to meet your clients at the property at a designated time, it will save you more time. You won't have to travel across the county to pick up a home buyer wanting to see a listing down the street from you. If they are late, well you have a few calls you can make in the meantime.

It Might Be a Liablity

If your insurance isn't set up for business, driving around clients is a big liability if something were to happen. It might not be worth the extra effort to invest in commercial car insurance.

Give Your Clients Space to Talk

We know you're not an awkward person...but having another person in the car may inhibit their comfort to speak candidly about the home they just saw. Maybe they absolutely love it, but need to weigh out the pros and cons on making an offer on that house?

Give YOURSELF Some Space to Think

Buyers can sometimes be crazy, am I right?! Sometimes that time to yourself will allow you to recharge, or maybe make some calls as you drive from home to home. Either way, use this as some time to think about what questions to ask your clients before entering the next home.

Regardless if you are driving your clients or not, it is a godo idea to track your mileage. Please make sure to check out this blog, that will offer good suggestions for mileage tracking apps.

For other great apps click on the button below

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