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Plan an Open House & We'll Tell You What Type of Real Estate Agent You Are

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Feb 19, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Every agent has their own rhyme and rhythm. Chances are you’ve noticed this from working with team members or others in the real estate industry. However, the real estate industry attracts certain character types, meaning you likely encounter similar personalities over time. The one time a real estate agent’s true colors and personality shine is during an open house! That's why we've designed this quiz to help you determine your personality type!

634.jpgFind out what type of real estate agent you are by planning your open house in the quiz below!

  1. How many yard signs do you use?

    A. 0
    B. It depends on the market I am farming
    C. 5-10
    D. 1-2
  2. Where do you place yard signs?

    A. Virtually I place them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    B. I consult team members on best places based on their experience
    C. At major intersections nearby and entrances to the community
    D. I know the best spots (which I keep secret)
  3. Do you use a sign in sheet?

    A. Yes, a tablet that is!
    B. Yes, I have one of my team members take the names and phone numbers of guests
    C. Yes always
    D. Yes, but I rarely need it as I already know most attendees
  4. Do you post announce the open house on social media?

    A. Of course! I make sure to start marketing it weeks in advance
    B. Only if my team member hasn’t already posted about it
    C. What’s social media?
    D. Only in local Facebook groups
  5. Do you Facebook Live or Snapchat the open house?

    A. Of course! It you don’t live stream about it, it didn’t really happen
    B. Only if my entire team or brokerage agrees to do so
    C. No, but I might try it during my next open house!
    D. No need to, someone from my fan base will have already posted about it
  6. How to prepare the listing for the open house?

    A. I stay up to date on the latest home décor trends online, then take action!
    B. I have one of my team members come in and stage the home
    C. I do it myself, I am an expert at depersonalizing and decluttering!
    D. I already know the best local home stager, he/she takes care of my listings
  7. How do you market the listing at the time of the showing?

    A. I create a website for each listing
    B. One of my team/brokerage’s marketing assistant compiles the marketing materials
    C. I place pamphlets, mortgage brochures, etc. near the entrance of the home
    D. It depends on the listing, some will need information for first time home buyers others will need additional information on the property

Results - Your Real Estate Agent Personality Type Is - 

Mostly A’s - The Techie - You are the agent everyone looks to for677.jpg advice on the latest marketing trends. You are likely active on many social media platforms and set yourself apart from other agents. Go you! However, don’t forget many traditional marketing efforts, like flyers and open house signs still have high ROI.

Mostly B’s – The Team Player – You don’t know what you’d do674.jpg without your team member(s). You are likely a people person, which is what attracted you to real estate in the first place. However, maybe try hosting an open house without your team members for once.

Mostly C’s - The Old Fashioned – You’ve likely worked in043-2.jpg real estate or a related filed for quite some time. You have this thing called an open house down to a T. Don’t be afraid however to try new marketing efforts next time, such as announcing the even on Facebook.


Mostly D’s - Local Hero – You got into the real estate industry 062.jpgbecause it’s a natural fit! You pretty much know everyone in town, so why not sell everyone’s home and make a living!


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