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Should You Stay With Your Current Real Estate Brokerage?

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

May 17, 2018 2:27:24 PM

Are you going to stay with your current brokerage for the rest of your career? Some of you will, but some of you won’t. There are so many great companies to work for…but sometimes they might not always be the best fit for you.

Well...Should you stay?

Should You Stay With Your Current Real Estate Brokerage

It’s not uncommon for agents to change brokerages multiple times during their career. Choosing a brokerage is like choosing your significant other. You should date around to know what you like, right? Your first brokerage may be amazing and offer great training and mentorship…but you might outgrow that as you advance through your career. For the record, we are not promoting a mass exodus from your real estate companies…many out there are excellent at providing their agents what they need.

Here are some reasons to find a new brokerage...

You Lack Personal Branding

With the likelihood you might part ways from a company in the future, you should always maintain personal branding regardless of how much you like your current company. You are your own real estate business, and building a network of clients for referrals and testimonials can do wonders to your income. This is why you should also have an emphasis on yourself as a business, to have real estate leads want to work with you instead of the name of your company.

Too Much Cold Calling

Contrasting with the previous reason, your brokerage should still provide some real estate leads.There should be a balance between you prospecting, and working with leads that your company has provided to you. A brokerage’s ultimate goal is to make money for the brokerage…but to do that, they need to put their agents in a position for success. Providing leads or training on effective ways to generate leads is a nice perk to have.

You Somehow Have Become the Office’s Coach

It’s perfectly fine to mentor new agents, and let them shadow you. However, if it has gotten to the point this is taking a huge chunk of your time…you should have a talk with your broker about how it is impeding you from closing deals.

Lack of Technology

Would you prefer to get corrective eye surgery with an older doctor that still uses their hands and tools to slice your cornea? OR would you prefer to go to a practice that has lasers, and fancy tracking software to ensure a smooth procedure? This is the case with real estate leads and real estate agents. Technology can be overwhelming, but can also make our lives easier. If there is an arduous task that you hate doing, chances are that technology exists to do it for you. We recommend utilizing this technology if it is made available to you, or to find a brokerage that provides it.

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