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Zurple Product Update: Customized Lead List Columns

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Aug 23, 2017 6:30:00 AM

Zurple’s new Customized Lead List Columns allows you to organize your pipeline YOUR way. With this exciting new feature you’ll simplify and segment your sales pipeline while saving time and money. We’ve outlined below how to use the Customized Lead List Columns and the four benefits of this exciting new feature.

Customized Lead List Columns in Zurple
Customized Lead List Columns - How it Works

From your Zurple back office you’ll navigate to your leads list, then select the Action “Customize Columns.” Simply select the Columns you want to display in your lead list and deselect those Columns you wish to exclude. Then drag and drop Columns to sort the order of the display. Customizable Columns include Email, Search Location, Max Price, Last Visit, Date Created, Agent, Hot Behaviors, and Last Modified, Name, Phone Number, and Priority Rank!

Customize lead columns zurple.png

4 Benefits of Customizable Lead List Columns

  1. Simplify Data - see only the details you need to see

    It’s not enough to simply collect data on leads, agents must also be able to sort out the data that matters. The right real estate CRM platform will help agents do both. With Customized Lead List Columns you can customize your leads list with the details you want to see. Simply select the Columns you’d like to include in your lead list and deselect those you’d like to exclude. You’ll have a better overview of your pipeline when you view just the details you need.Customized_Lead_List_Columns-2.png
  2. Segment Your Pipeline - sort by desired default column

    Take control of your lead lists! All businesses (not just those within the real estate industry) should look for a CRM platform that allows users to customize search criteria - Customized Lead List Columns allow you to do just that. Default sorting columns allow you to sort data by your preferred columns. If for example, you wanted to know which leads visited your website most recently, select the default sorting column of “Last Visit.” This will sort your leads starting with those that visited your website most recently. When used in conjunction with Zurple’s search filters, Customized Lead List Columns, give you complete control over data.
  3. Save Time - with drag and drop columns

    Receive an overview of your sales pipeline, without searching for your CRM for hours. With our easy to use Customized Lead Lists you can drag and drop columns. Drag and drop columns allow you view details on leads in your preferred order without navigating to other pages or exporting any data. By customizing your column order you’ll narrow down your search to the results you want in half the time.
  4. Save Money - integration with every Zurple back office

    Unfortunately many real estate CRM platforms nickle and dime their clients to add new search features. Some even require a permanent admin to manage your data. Fortunately for Zurple agents we’ve integrated Customized Lead List Columns into each agent’s backoffice. Agents shouldn’t have to be expert marketers or pay thousands to understand their pipeline.

To see Customized Lead List Columns and other exciting new product features in action, request a product demo below:

Request a Live Demo of Zurple

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