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Zurple Product Update: Email Improvements

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Oct 16, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Whether you are a buyer’s agent, listing agent, or broker, you’ll need to keep your database up to date on current listings available in your market. However, leads need something more than just listing updates. Sending leads listings with messaging tailored to their needs will increase your email reply rate. That’s why the Zurple team created Email Listing Flyers. Below we’ll be dissecting what these improvements are and how it will help you generate real estate leads.

email listing flyers.png

What Are Email Listing Flyers?

You already have the ability to send listing notifications through Zurple's Property Update Notifications. This feature has allowed you to update all or a segment of your pipeline with the most noteworthy listings in your market. However with Email Listing Flyers, you have the ability to edit the supporting text of listings. Simply select which listing you would like to share and edit the supporting text. Because most real estate agents do not have the ability to do this from their email platform, your listing updates will stand out from the competition.

Benefits of Email Listing Flyers

Serious home buyers are constantly checking their email and surfing the web for listing updates. However, you can stand out from all other emails through Zurple's Email Lisiting Flyers. Buyers will prefer your emails once you personalize your marketing add your own commentary. In addition, you show off your recently sold listings with this feature, proving to seller leads you can get the job done!

Other Email Updates

When creating Email Listing Flyers, we decided to go the extra mile and update the entire email platform! Below are a few important features we've added to Zurple emails.

Insert Image

Within each Zurple email you can now insert your own image. Some agents prefer to add their own images, such as listing photos or their headshot to their emails. With this new feature leads will no longer have to download attach images. Your emails will pop, when leads instantly see listing pictures.

Attach a File

In addition, you can now attach files to each Zurple email. If you would like to send an individual client a contract or a lead additional information on buying or selling you can now do so directly from the back office! This eliminates the need to navigate between both Zurple and your secondary email provider.

Spell Check

This new feature is as straight forward as it sounds. Spell check now allows you to spell check directly inside of each message. Never worry about spelling or grammatical errors again!

Are you interested in learning more about Zurple's email automation software? Well you should be! Zurple emails average a 45% open rate. How do we do this? Each one of Zurple's automation emails are generated through our Conversations™ software. Conversations can recognize 25 separate behaviors. Each time a lead registers on your Zurple IDX site, Conversations then begins tracking that lead’s online search history. Utilizing this search history, Conversations then drafts emails based on that history or past behavior. If you’d like to see the real estate industry’s most intuitive email automation software in action, request a demo in the link below. One of our Account Executives can demo you Conversations from a live Zurple account:


Request a Zurple Demo

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