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10 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Fall 2017

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Oct 25, 2017 6:00:00 AM

With the slower winter months ahead of us, your pipeline could probably use a defrosting. Luckily, the Zurple marketing team is chalk full of great lead generation ideas. Try the 10 real estate lead generation ideas below to spice up your pipeline (without ever mentioning pumpkin spice).

 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Fall

Try these 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas this Fall:


  1. Prepare Home Owners For Winter

    Educate sellers on how to keep their home in good shape this winter. They’ll thank you in the spring when they don’t spend a fortune on repairs, and maybe even choose you as their agent!

  2. Trick-Or-Treat Marketing

    If you’re passing out candy this year, consider attaching your business card to candy. Or consider holding an open house on Halloween from one of your listings. Halloween is likely the busiest time of year in any neighborhood, making it the perfect open house environment.
  3. Celebrate Veteran’s Day

    Most people forget Veteran’s Day in between the hustle and bustle of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Use this holiday to educate veteran leads and potential clients on home buying and selling. Write a guide or blog post on VA loans on November 11th.
  4. Pop-By All Season Long

    Fall is the start of the holiday season. Take advantage of these slower winter months to get in touch with past clients. Stop by client’s homes with a small reminder or pop-by gift. You’ll increase your likelihood of generating referrals in 2018. For a complete list of pop-by gift ideas and slogans, download our pop-by gift guide here: 
  5. Dust Off Your CRM

    Fall is the perfect time to evaluate your current CRM. Many brokerages allow their CRM platform to become disorganized during busy spring and summer months. You’ll streamline your lead nurturing and get a head start for 2018!
  6. Connect with Seasonal Businesses

    Although real estate slows down in 2018, many other industries pick up. Consider partnering up with a local business like a snow plow company or Christmas tree farm. Local businesses are often willing to feature other business’s marketing, so long as you return the favor.
  7. Give Back to the Community

    Charitable giving typically spikes during the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to place your down time towards a good cause and rub elbows with community members.
  8. Educate Leads on What to Expect in 2018

    A new year means new fiscal policies that effect the real estate market. The Federal Reserve is expected to hold back it’s stimulus package, increasing mortgage rates in 2018. Sharing this information with leads can motivate them to list or purchase a home sooner.
  9. Throw a Holiday Party

    Open up your team’s holiday party to leads and past clients. All your team members will benefit from interactions withmembers of your community.
  10. Keep on Nurturing

    You can have your pie and eat it too. Agents that automate lead nurturing will have more time away from the office. Zurple communicates with leads on your behalf. Each of your leads will receive personalized messages catered to their home and market preferences. Best of all, leads cannot sense automation. Leads will believe you’re scanning your MLS for listings, when really you’re having your second slice of pumpkin pie. To see if Zurple is still available in your market, check the page below.

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