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14 Questions to Expect When Joining a New Brokerage

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Apr 11, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Is that brokerage you are in no longer giving you a reason to stay with them? Maybe you are thinking of transitioning to a new brokerage that better suits your needs. If so, we have a list of questions that might be asked of you during the interview process.

Questions to Expect When Joining a New Brokerage

Here are Questions to Expect When Transitioning to a New Brokerage

1. How do you build a client base?

What type of marketing plans do you have in place to replenish your sales pipeline? How motivated are you to seek out new business on your own vs relying on your brokerage for leads?

2. How many clients are you currently working with?

They will want to know how you compare to other agents currently working at the brokerage.

3. How many homes did you sell last year?

Just get straight to the point. What is your sales volume like?

4. What’s your dream job?

It’s a trick question! Your dream job is being a real estate agent. If it is anything else, maybe consider a different career path.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Another trick question! Your dream city is the area you work in. If it is anything else, maybe consider moving to a city you love. You want to take pride in the neighborhood you claim to be an expert in.

6. What social media platforms are you using?

A candidate with knowledge of social media is very desirable. Even better is a candidate who already has a following.

7. What separates you from other Real Estate agents?

This is a question you should always have an answer to, whether it is a potential new broker or a new client. Why should they work with you instead of a different agent in your office? Do you have a niche or specialty that makes you stand out?

8. Do you have a personal website?

This is another question that will let the broker know how motivated you are. Do you rely on tools provided by the brokerage, or are you building your own personal empire?

9. What would your previous brokerage say about you?

What was the reason that you left your last brokerage? Was it an amicable split? Or are you bringing drama with you?

10. What are you looking for in a brokerage?

This question allows brokers to understand what they can do to accommodate you as a real estate agent. Or it can also signify if you are a good fit into the culture of the brokerage. Maybe the brokerage might not be a good fit for you if are seeking mentorship but they offer their agents independence.

11. Have you ever fired a client? If so, why?

Was it a professional reason? If so, what steps did you take to try to repair the relationship? What have you learned from the experience?

12. Do you use any databases such as Zillow or Realtor.com?

Your prospective broker is trying to gauge your familiarity with the system.

13. Tell us about a time you dealt with a difficult client and how you handled it.

They want to know if you could maintain grace and composure in the face of insanity. If you take any actions that could be deemed unprofessional, that will reflect poorly on the company.

14. Why do you want to join the brokerage?

What are you trying to get out of the brokerage? Is there something that attracted you to this brokerage? Will it help further your career? Flatter them! Also, let them know that you’ve done your research.

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