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3 Ways the Facebook Pixel Can Help Realtors® Capture More Leads

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Jul 31, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Don’t know what the heck a Facebook Pixel is? Don’t worry we’re about to explain what it is and how it can help real estate agents generate leads.

The definition of a Facebook Pixel, according to, well, Facebook, is as follows:

“The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.”

In other words, a Pixel is a code agents can insert into their website that lets Facebook know what actions visitors took on their site. The Facebook Pixel only benefits agents with active Facebook ads. Most agents use Facebook ads to target seller leads with home worth ads, while some use the ads to generate buyer leads. Some of the benefits of Facebook Pixel are below:
3 Ways Facebook Pixel Can Help Realtors Capture More Leads

Here are 3 ways the Facebook Pixel Can Help Realtors® Capture More Leads:

  1. Optimize Your Ad Spend

    Agents can the setup up Facebook Pixel by placing codes within the header of their website. When buyer and/or seller leads visit the agent’s site, the pixel will then report to Facebook whether the lead took any action on the site, such as leaving their contact information or subscribing to a newsletter. The purpose of this is so that agents optimize their ad spend and do not send their Facebook ads to leads they’ve already captured. At Zurple, use Facebook ads to generate seller leads for our agents. When creating each ad, we insert a pixel, so agents never waste ad spend on leads they've already generated. To learn about other agent's experiences using Zurple's seller leads program, check out this article: http://blog.zurple.com/zurple-case-study-derek-robinson-seller-leads

  2. Receive Greater Insights

    Facebook Pixel can let agents know which actions leads took once they reached their site, whether that is searching for a home or subscribing to their blog. In addition, the Facebook pixel can tell you which platform leads view your ads from, whether that is a mobile device or desktop. 

  3. Re-Market to Existing Leads

    Many agents set up Facebook Pixel with the sole purpose of driving traffic to their website. However, stopping here is missing out on a huge opportunity. Re-marketing to past visitors of your website is an easy way to your business top of mind to leads. Agents can start by creating a first ad set that drives traffic to their website. Using the pixel from the first ad set, agents can then re-target website visitors in additional ads inviting them to leave their contact information.

    Facebook ads can be time consuming. Agents must watch daily metrics to make sure ads are performing optimally. If you’d like to put someone else in charge of your online lead generation, consider Zurple. We use Facebook ads to generate seller leads. Our hyper-targeted Facebook ads target seller leads in your desired target markets. Our marketing team tracks the success of your campaign so that you can focus more time on closing and less time on lead generation. To learn more about Zurple’s seller leads program, request more information below:

    Learn More About  Zurple's Seller Leads Program

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