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Door Knocking! Is it Helping or Hurting Your Real Estate Business?

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Jul 17, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Most agents are opinionated about door knocking - they either love it or they hate it. Going around knocking on each door, introducing yourself, and handing out marketing materials is not every agent’s cup of tea - but some are better at it than others. However, door knocking is one of the quickest, most cost effective means of getting yourself directly in front of seller leads. Below we’ve outlined the pros and cons of door knocking so that you can decide if it’s a good marketing opportunity for your business.

Door Knocking! Is it Helping or Hurting Your Real Estate Business?

See if Door Knocking Will Generate Seller Leads for Your Real Estate Business:


You'll Prove Your Worth - You Have the Opportunity to Woo Sellers in Person

If you are going to be door knocking, be sure you’re familiar with the neighborhood first. Know how home prices have been trending in recent months. Also be sure you have an estimate for how much their home will sell for and how fast you can get it off the market.

You’ll Become a Friend - You Won’t Remain a Sales Person

According to a recent Inc. study, 94% of consumers trust a brand when it remains transparent. When you begin knocking door to door, you make yourself more approachable, likeable, a friend as opposed to a picture on a website.

You'll Win over the People Persons - Some Sellers Would Prefer a Referral, but Don't Have Any Connections

Not every homeseller relies solely on online reviews and home search sites to find a real estate agent. Some would prefer a referral or to know the agent before hand, but simply have no connections to an actual agent. This special group of people will be excited to get to know you and your knowledge of their local market.


You’ll Need Tough Skin - Not Many Will Answer their Doors

If you’ve ever been canvassing, you know a lot of people will blatantly ignore you - and rightfully so. Chances are you don’t want to speak with many individuals who knock on your door, such as religious groups or solar panel salesmen. So don't be aggressive, if you see the home owner in their living room watching TV with the window open, move onto the next house.

You have to be picky - Farm the neighborhood that’s ripe for picking

Analyze recent market reports to see which neighborhood is ideal for your time. Check your local MLS to see how quickly properties have been selling in that area.

Conclusion - You’ll Have to Be Patient - You have to get to know leads first

Bottom line, door knocking helps your business if done effectively. Starting with a strategy beforehand will make sure you make the most of your time. Coming off too strong with your sales pitch is easy to end the conversation. Also be sure you follow up with each individual you met. Zurple makes follow up a piece of cake. Our lead nurturing software sends leads intelligent, personalized email and text messages. Best of all leads cannot sense automation. Each of these messages reference specific properties in the lead’s neighborhood, including those in their recent online home search history. Then when a lead is hot, or ready to convert into a client, Zurple notifies you, the agent, it's time to give the lead a call.

Want More Listings? Zurple’s sets you up with qualified seller leads in your target market.


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