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4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Generation Software Doesn't Always Work

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Aug 21, 2017 8:41:42 AM

Time and time again, we are approached by real estate agents who've failed to generate viable leads using another lead generation product. The trouble is many don’t agents know what qualities their lead generation software was missing in order to generate a sustainable amount of leads. We’ve outlined below some of the most common reasons lead generation software fails to generate any leads. Be sure your next marketing investment offers a solution to the four problems listed below.

4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Generation Software Doesn't Always Work

4 Reasons Your Real Estate Lead Generation Software Isn't Generating Leads:

  1. Believing in Dead Leads

    According to Inman, a “real estate lead” is defined simply as the contact information of someone who is potentially a future client.” However, many agents believe a lead is defined as a viable prospect with a full name, email, and phone number. A lead can be simply a single email address, phone number, or social media friend. Many lead generations software over qualify leads by asking too many questions. A lead may be turned off if they have to provide both their email and phone number in your lead capture forms. 
  2. Delayed Reply Rates

    Research indicates that 35-40% of commissions go sales (in all industries) goes to the sales man or woman that replies first. The truth is most real estate lead generation software do a poor job at lead follow-up. A study published by WAV group revealed 48% of buyer inquiries are never responded to on Zillow.com, Realtor.com, and Trulia.com. Be sure to choose software that sends instant messages. Zurple sends instant, personalized email and text messages within the first 5 minutes of a lead’s inquiry.
  3. Lack of an Online Presence

    Many lead generation products will simply launch an IDX site without any supporting paid or organic search. However, setting up a site without any traffic is like preparing for an open house, but not marketing it. Leads will not know to go to our website, if you don't provide links in paid or organic space. Leads will only get to your site if they can find it directly within their search results or on another website (such as Facebook or a blog).
  4. Drip Email Campaigns

    When you drip email your clients, gmail categorizes you as a spammer. According to a report from Inman News, if your email campaign isn’t personalized, it will get categorized as spam. Even if a few gmail users mark your emails as spam, this will send a trigger to Google to mark all of your emails as spam to its user base. That’s why Zurple created Conversations™. Conversations™ is the only email automation software in the real estate industry that does not drip. With Conversations™ Zurple agents can send data enriched email and text messages to their entire lead base. Best of all, leads cannot sense automation. Each email and/or text references specific behaviors and inquiries the lead displayed online. To learn more about Conversations™ visit our website: http://getconversations.com/ or see Conversations™ in action by requesting a Zurple demo below:

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