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6 Features of Effective Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Dec 4, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Newsletters are a great way to nurture leads and engage past customers. Real estate agents can educate leads and in turn prove their knowledge of the home buying and selling process. Below we’ve outlined six features of effective real estate newsletters. Be sure to include these six elements in your next newsletter.

6 Features of Effective Real Estate Newsletters

6 Features fo Effective Real Estate Newsletters

  1. Calls to Action – A good newsletter will direct readers to another site. Always be sure to include links to your real estate website or to any listings of yours. Many agents include referral links, listing links, or links to request a home worth estimate.

  2. Engaging Content – To gain an audience, you’ll need to provide readers with meaningful content. Think about why real estate leads would open your email in the first place. They likely have questions about the home buying or selling process so be sure to include content that fulfills these needs.

  3. Listings – Even if you are not a listing agent, include local listings in your newsletter. You’ll prove to leads you are familiar with your market. The most likely reason for home buyers to open your newsletter is to find listings in their area.
  4. Clean Design – Crisp, clean templates go a long way in real estate. You need to appeal to a broad audience and thus should keep design to a minimum. The Zurple marketing team created a free real estate newsletter template for agents. This newsletter template includes a customizable section for your contact information, market snapshots, neighborhood news, listings, and household tips. To download your copy, click the link below -

    Download My Newsletter Template

  5. Enticing Subject Lines– Stating the obvious does not help with email subject lines. You need to make leads curious as to what is in the email. Subject lines are like first impressions, and leads will either open or not open your email. 

  6. Mobile Responsive - Did you know that 66% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device? With such a large percentage of leads opening emails on their phone, be sure your newsletter displays correctly on all platforms – including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Need a boost with your email marketing? Zurple is lead generation software that nurtures leads with personalized email messages. These messages reference past search history of leads, such as previous listings viewed. To learn more about Zurple, request a demo be sent to you in the link below:

Request a Zurple Demo

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