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Is Your Business "Team" Ready?

Posted by Robin Soldwisch

Apr 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

photodune-3262264-people-behind-in-front-of-sold-home-for-sale-real-estate-sign-isolated-on-a-white-background-s.jpgBy leveraging team members, the entire efficiency of your Real Estate business can improve. Consider a dentist’s office. You check in with one staff member, are met by a hygienist who does the cleaning, have a quick session with the dentist, and then check out and pay. Each person in that process has their own expertise and can answer questions that are specific to their functions. A similar dynamic can be built with real estate teams. You might have specialists that focus on buying homes, selling experts, agents new in their career that can manage your clients, and even an assistant. The blend of expertise and range of skill set means a more efficient operation, where the team member that is the best fit can take on a specialty tasks.

Consider these concepts to see if you are "team" ready:

I feel the Need - the Need for Team

For the consumer, there is a benefit with the team approach because it provides them with access to multiple agents who are all working to help close the deal. There is also the benefit of “group think”, where teams can quickly suggest the best listing pricing numbers, or provide other advice that calls upon the varied experience of team members. There’s also a logistical component as well. Perhaps you are planning a vacation and with a team to call upon, the next member simply steps up and helps complete the deal. Consumers enjoy seamless business experiences, and the team approach allows for a smoother and more efficient process, assuming the team members communicate well with one another.

Finding the Right Members

Picking the right team members is essential and their attributes will determine the success of the entire group. Here’s a few tips:

  • Experience - Choose people that have quantifiable experience, whether it’s in certain geographic areas or with buying or selling. Find someone that understands the particulars of this market so prices are set properly.
  • Schedules - You want team members with flexible schedules who can coordinate with you and each other for proper coverage of client needs. Real estate isn’t a desk job, so you need team members that are able to put in the time when needed. The flip side of this flexibility is it should provide all of the members with more opportunities for personal time.
  • Trust - Put on your “client” hat and consider if you would trust the agent with buying or selling your own home. Every agent should have their own personality, but all should exude trust and confidence.

Growing Your Business with an Assistant

The trick for hiring an assistant is to do it before you desperately need one. Think about the classic question of “are you working for your business or is your business working for you,” and consider how a qualified assistant can be what you need to increase revenue. Here's a few tips:

  • Licensed - Consider hiring an assistant that has or is close to obtaining their real estate license so they can help setup open houses and offer more help to buyers and sellers. An assistant with a license is able to stand-in for you and other agents in a pinch, making them a much more valuable assets to the team.
  • No License - An assistant without their license can still do a lot for the business. Assistants can not only route calls and manage calendars, they can also respond to incoming leads with personalized messages, manage social media accounts, and handle the paperwork side of the business. Keep assistants busy with a blend of tasks that streamline operations and help bring new prospects into the pipeline.


Even if you’re the most energetic agent, you can only handle so many listings in a year. If you feel some of the details slipping away or have to consider turning down business to keep your sanity, then it’s likely time to consider building a team.



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