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Real Estate Closing Gift Don'ts!

Posted by Victoria Deubler

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Feb 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

photodune-3508025-gift-box-s.jpgOne of the best ways to show your real estate client how much you appreciate them and their business is by thanking them with a closing gift. However, sometimes overlooking certain details of a relationship or a client’s likes and dislikes, can negatively impact the effectiveness of the gift. For instance, if a client doesn’t drink - and you gift a bottle of wine. We’ve put together some “don’ts” of closing gifts to help you choose the best gifts for your clients.


Avoid these don’ts of real estate closing gifts: 


Don’t make it about you or your business.

Real estate closing gifts can help you make a lasting impression on clients, but they shouldn’t be solely depended on to do so. Creating a lasting impression should be a goal throughout the entire real estate transaction. Creating a great client experience for your buyer or seller will not only show them how much you appreciate their business, but will also encourage them to share it with their friends and family - helping you build your referral business. To top off a great experience, gift something personal and meaningful rather than something with your business information as the focal point.

Don’t send a gift in the mail.

Sending a closing gift in the mail is impersonal and doesn’t say thank you the right way. It’s always best to give a gift in person if you can. Giving a gift in person creates a much more personable experience and can help a client see how much you really appreciate them. Whether it’s a hand delivery right at their door or over coffee, an in person gifting is always best.

Pro tip: Include a handwritten note along with your gift. This will show your clients that you put time and effort into your thank you.

Don’t give an impersonal gift.

Make sure that your closing gifts are personal and unique. This will show a buyer or seller that you’ve paid attention to their needs, likes and dislikes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Is your client a first time homebuyer? Frame their address like this example from Etsy.
  • Did your client mention that they enjoy collecting wine? Give them a completely unique bottle, by personalizing the label: Check out this example from StickerYou.

Don’t disappear after giving a gift.

Staying in touch after giving a gift is the best way to continue nurturing a client relationship. Keeping in touch after a transaction contributes to a strong and meaningful relationship that can help generate repeat clients as well as referral business. If you plan on sending follow up emails to past clients, try to make them personalized, like adding a first name in the email subject line.

Finding inspiration for closing gifts can be easy with resources like Pinterest or Etsy - but making sure you haven’t overlooked certain details can be tough. Making sure you don’t fall guilty of these closing gift “don’t” can help you always give the best thank you gift to your clients.

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