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How to Outrank Local Real Estate Agents on Google

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Jan 29, 2018 6:00:00 AM

They say the best place to bury a dead body is on the second page of Google search results? This may be a bit cynical, but am I right? As a real estate professional if you’re not turning up in local search results, you’re losing out on business. At Zurple our mission is to help agents grow their business online, that’s why we’ve provided these five tips on ranking high on search engine results.

518-1.jpg5 Ways to Outrank other Real Estate Agents on Google 

Optimize Your Domain Names

When it comes to real estate websites, it’s best that the domain describes 1. What you are selling and 2. Where you are selling. For example, if I were a real estate agent in the Cornado Island market, I’d name my real estate website, searchcoronado.com, not kristinasellssandiego.com. Home buyers in this market for will be searching for “homes for sale in Coronado” “real estate agents named Kristina in Coronado," 

Have an IDX Enabled Real Estate Website

Websites with built-in IDX solutions will have hundreds or thousands of pages for Google bots to search. 3rd party enabled IDX sites do not have this benefit, since the agent’s primary site will be seen as a separate entity from the IDX search feature. For more reasons why IDX enabled sites trump Frameable IDX solutions, check out our blog article on this topic – Why IDX Sites are Better than Non-IDX Sites for Real Estate Websites.

Use Free Keyword Search Tools

As a real estate professional, you likely know what has a lot of buzz in your neighborhood. However, using free keyword search tools can’t hurt to help you discover what home buyers and sellers are looking for. A few great free keywords search tool engines include – Moz and SEMrush.

Blog on Local Attractions

Provide monthly reviews of concert venues, sporting events, new restaurants and the like. You get the idea right? When you drop names of local businesses with links, Google’s robots will pick up on this. 

Put Google Autosuggest to Work

Do you ever type a question into the Google search bar and it suggests something completely different? (many suggestions often surprise me too!). For instance when I begin typing San Diego Restaurants into the search bar, the Google suggests – San Diego restaurants, san Diego rescue mission, San Diego resorts, etc. A Real Estate Agent may benefit from blogging on the best resorts for locals in the San Diego area. When locals then begin searching for a staycation, they’ll stumble across this agent’s blog.

Want to jump past the competition and get the #1 spot for your local searches? Consider Zurple. Through Zurple’s Buyer Lead program you can purchase hyperlocal ad space. This means when home buyers begin their home search, your website will be the first search result. It’s sort of like using the carpool lane on Google, home buyers will see your website before all other organic search results that change with Googles index updates and algorithm changes. To check if our Buyer Lead program still has ad space available for your market, click the link below –

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