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Top 11 Real Estate Pet Peeves - As Defined by Agents & Brokers

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Jun 26, 2015 7:30:00 AM

photodune-4031205-businessman-getting-annoyed-at-loud-colleague-sI've seen plenty of articles about consumers' frustrations with agents, but haven't seen any that tackle the issue from inside the industry, coming from the people who eat, sleep, live and breathe real estate day in and day out. I did some research on what really irritates agents and brokers when it comes to their peers and compiled a list of the most common real estate pet peeves. 

Top 11 Agent & Broker Real Estate Pet Peeves:

My biggest real estate pet peeve is...

  1. ... there's a massive supply of under-prepared agents:

    The barrier to entry in real estate is quite low, which means you get all kinds of people taking the real estate licensing exam, then going out into the world and attempting to help people with the largest transaction they will be a part of in their lifetime. As an experienced agent or broker, it can be frustrating to work with and compete against a constant stream of newly licensed agents.

  2. ... agents who don't tell the whole truth or who use shady business practices:

    Ethics are a major issue in any career field, but dishonest business practices can be a real problem - and one that can be easier to get away with - in real estate. Most agents don't have someone watching over their every move to make sure they are managing their business with good intentions, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation of the word 'ethical'. Perhaps the worst part is the fact that one agent behaving badly can mar the reputation of lenders or other colleagues who work with them. 

  3. ... all-I-talk-about-is-real-estate agents:

    Sometimes, when you're in an industry that doesn't provide a "work-day" that starts at 9 and ends at 5, it can be difficult to disconnect. This lack of identifiable structure can lead to a one-track-mind phenomena that results in real estate professionals who are seemingly incapable of talking about anything BUT real estate... and it can be real annoying. (See what I did there?)

  4. ... real estate (un)professionals:

    Unfortunately, there's no way to force someone to be professional - and sometimes you will encounter an agent, broker or lender who is anything but. Working with someone who runs a very casual or disorganized business can be frustrating as it can cause delays, create issues with clients and generate more problems than solutions. The best thing you can do is be as professional as possible in an attempt to offset those who are... not so much.  

  5. ... dealing with an unresponsive agent:

    Speaking of unprofessional... there are some agents who are not at all timely when it comes to returning phone calls or emails - even when the matter at hand is important and time sensitive (which it usually is). When you're dealing with an agent who is lollygagging when there's a looming deadline that has the potential to have negative impact on your clients, things can get tense in a hurry. 

  6. ... seeing terrible property photos:

    Is it really that difficult to take a pictures? Apparently, sometimes it is, as evidenced by several websites dedicated solely to displaying terrible listing photos. Curious? Take a gander at badmlsphotos.com.

  7. ... encountering unmotivated or lazy agents:

    Top performing agents work extremely hard for their success. They put in long hours, spend time day after day on tedious processes and dedicate themselves to their clients. When one of those hard working agents encounters a lazy agent who is only half-heartedly dedicated to the job - it is super frustrating, and understandably so. Real estate is very rewarding, but it's also very demanding, so if you're not ready to put in blood, sweat and tears into your career - you're better off finding another industry. Same can be true with agents who have been around for a long time who are burnt out and sick of it. 

  8. ... dealing with a know-it-all agent:

    Some agents who have been in the business for a while can have an air of superiority about them. They think they know best, and often treat younger or less experienced agents like they don't know a rock from a real estate transaction. Not suprisingly, many younger and newer agents express displeasure with this particular personality trait.

    ... agents who say they are too busy to take a phone call:

    Excuses are annoying. The bottom line is - if you're not in the middle of performing a surgery, rescuing kittens from a burning building or in a lab working on the cure for cancer, you almost definitely are not too busy for a phone call. Though an agent may not be available immediately, chances are if they scrutinize their schedule, they can find a sliver of time adequate for penciling in a quick chat. 

  9. ... listings on the MLS that are missing most or all of the important details:

    It doesn't take very long to add basic property details to an MLS listing and a partially completed one is not at all helpful. Agents who don't take the time to accurately represent a property they're listing on the MLS are not only lazy, but they are doing their clients a disservice.

Do you agree with one of these pet peeves or is there something else that irks you? Share in the comments below!

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