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You Would Never Guess Which Zurple Real Estate Blog Posts Were The Most Popular of 2017

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Dec 21, 2017 5:53:00 AM

I took a look at our blog analytics to see what our most popular blog posts were for the year of 2017. Some blogs I was expecting to perform well, and some blogs felt like they didn't belong there.

I was surprised by the results, because I was always under the impression Real Estate agents are always googling "How Do I Get Seller Leads"?

most popular real estate blog posts of 2017.png

Here are the Top 10 Real Estate Blog Posts from Zurple in 2017:

The Best Photography Apps for Real Estate Agents


If you are really trying to stick to a budget and want to take the DIY approach to marketing photos, this is a great article to read.

30 Real Estate Email Subject Lines that Entice Leads


Does this subject line entice you to read it? It should, because you have a reason to want to click it. So, click it!

Brokers Should Ask Agents these 18 Real Estate Interview Questions


If you are looking for new agents from your brokerage or real estate team, these are the questions you should be asking to prospective team members.

74 Real Estate Keywords that Boost SEO Rankings


The goal of most real estate agents is to either get more leads or be on top of the google search results. The latter can help with the former, and here are some keywords you can use to get there.

What Type of Car Should Realtors Drive?


Should you drive a Cadillac? A Tacoma? A Prius? Here is the answer!

10 Real Estate Team Building Tips for Brokerages in 2017


Team building is important for teams...obviously. Building everyone up benefits the entire team, here are some tips on how to do it.

Top 3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2017


These are the digital marketing trends that we predicted for 2017. Any guesses on which one(s) have graduated from marketing trend to necessity?

What Should Be in A Realtor's Email Signature?


A commonly googled question. Here's a hint to the answer, it's not: "Sent from my iPhone".

Your Pop-By Plan for 2017


You must always nurture your leads and past clients even after the point of sale. Here is one effective method on doing it.

How to Convert REALTOR.com leads (and what's different about them)


When working with leads on the internet, you must pay attention to the source. If it was a referral, facebook, your own website, or another website it will help you understand the mindset of your lead.

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